Sunday, April 29, 2012


As mentioned in my previous blogpost, I was attending the Queen Elizabeth II Cup at the Singapore Turf Club on Friday. I had such a great time there!! I brought my boyfriend along and we both agreed that even if we have to pay next year, we'll still attend it. Pictures to tour you through my journey at the Turf Club! 
Just arrived at the Turf Club's car park. Cam-whoring for awhile. 

@ The Entrance
Massive space at the entrance of the Turf Club.
Waiting for the other bloggers to arrive! 

Goodie bags filled with informative booklets of the Turf Club and cupcakes too! 

@ The Marquee
A place to have dinner, drinks and enjoy the race in a comfortable air conditioned ambience. 
Remarkable view of the race course from the Marquee.

This year's Queen Elizabeth package tickets were all sold out!! Explaining the huge crowd! 

Awesome buffet dinner. Love the variety of cuisines available there! 

Open bar at the Marquee, FREE FLOW COCKTAILS AND BEER!!

Hats on Tracks contest! My hat didn't even get to top ten, but it was kinda expected. Haha! The top ten contestants strutting the runway. Winner walked away with a Prada Bag. 

@ The Grandstand
A huge outdoor area for you to observe the race! 
Betting on our first race. WE LOST. 

Beautiful race course, it was extremely clean too. 

Run horsie RUN!! 

Our subsequent betting tickets!! Aren't we already hardcore gamblers?
 Won and lost a few races. It was so fun to bet, the feeling of winning a bet, it's oh so blissful... 

@ The Champagne Room
We took a little tour around the Turf Club! The champagne room is where jockeys and owner of the winning horse pop a champagne for celebration!
Tiny little jockey's vest.

All of the bloggers who attended! 
I didn't mingle a lot, maybe just to those who sat on the same table as me, they were very nice and friendly!! 

@ The Racecourse
Getting up close and personal with the beautiful horses, and the race of course. 
Horses will parade themselves in circles for the audience before they place their bets. 
My boyfriend picked horse six. It was leading at first, until two other horses overtook it and we lost. 

Have to give them credits for keeping the place so neat and pleasant. 

Very thick skin-ly pretending to accept an award. 

@ The Prize Presentation Ceremony
All these uncles are hardcore fans. They were cheering during the prize presentation ceremony. So cute luh.

The Turf Club is not only a place to bet on horses, it is also a unique place to hold company events, launch a product, hold corporate seminars and year end or birthday parties. From cosy ambience to pulsating action, the Singapore Racecourse has it all. On racedays, you can celebrate in style and watch all the exciting action on the racetracks. While on a non-racedays, the Racecourse is a superb retreat from the hustle and bustle of the corporate world for you to plan the next battle. So instead of hosting your functions at the usual boring places, check out the Singapore Turf Club HERE

Overall, I had a wonderful time at the Turf Club. Can't compliment them enough for keeping the entire place so clean and fresh with perfect lighting accompanied by the delicious buffet dinner and open bar. Definitely worth the visit.

If you missed out this year's Queen Elizabeth Cup event, come on down next year, or join the upcoming events and packages at the Singapore Turf Club. For more information, visit
or visit their Facebook Page and Twitter page for firsthand updates and event promotions. 

Current Contests by the Singapore Turf Club:
SNAP AND WIN PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST from 27 April to 27 May with top Prize of $2,000 cash
FAVOURITE TURF BELLE VOTING from 27 April to 18 May and win iPads!
PICK THE SIACUP WINNER SMS CONTEST from 15 May to 20 May and win a pair of Singapore Airlines return tickets to Sydney and $2,000 cash.