Friday, March 09, 2012


The Science Centre has got to be my favorite place in Singapore!
Attended the Singapore Science Centre: Earth Our Untamed Planet's press release with Hayley, Freda and Olivia last week, we had sucha great time exploring the place.
Professor Sieh's speech about the beginnings of the Singapore Science Centre, "finally, a place for science nerds to feel normal'.

Kim briefly introduced us to the Earth Our Untamed Planet exhibition. 

Exhibition Zones - Zone 1: Journey to the Centre of the Earth   Zone 2: Dynamic Atmosphere   Zone 3: The Earth Under Our Feet   Zone 4: Tsunamis   Zone 5: Volcanoes   Zone 6: Earthquakes   Zone 7: Living with an Untamed Planet

Professor Lim shares his overseas experience as an ignorant Singaporean towards natural disasters. Which I thought was quite true, because as Singaporeans, we have never experienced earthquakes or hurricanes, therefore are not prepared to face one. Singapore will never be 100% safe therefore we should educate ourselves! 

Zone 1: Journey to the Centre of the Earth
In Zone 1, the exhibition starts with a huge quadrant of the globe (as seen in picture above), entering through a crack in the surface to uncover the secrets within our Earth. You get to learn about the different layers that makes up the earth, and how movements causes natural disasters like earthquakes. 

Zone 2: Dynamic Atmosphere
The key exhibit for this zone is the Typhoon Simulator; gale-force winds up to 150km/hr! 
If you've always wanted to experience typhoon, then you should give the typhoon simulator a try! 
Annabel and Kim trying it out. 

Hayley and I hopped in too.

Our view from inside. :/

Zone 3: The Earth Under Our Feet

Interactive jigsaw map to show you how the earth originally looked like. As years go by, the land plates shifted and thus forming the continents that we have now! Singapore was not originally an island, we were not surrounded by sea but land!!

Hayley trying out the jigsaw. 

Key exhibit of the zone! Science on a Sphere!
It's a giant globe (very nice btw), suspended in mid air, that explains complex global environmental processes in an intuitive and captivating way. 

Zone 4: Tsunamis
The tsunami wave tank is a little model to show how patterns on the ground would damage not only front houses, but the ones at the back too. When the huge waves rushes to the surface, it brings with them materials from the deep sea floors. With these materials, scientist can trace back stories of the ancient time. 

Zone 5: Volcanoes
In the belly of the beast! Entering the very realistic model of a volcano. It's a mini replica of the Mayon Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Watch the volcano erupt! 

Different rocks from volcano sites. 

Zone 6: Earthquake
The earthquake simulator!! Everyone should head to the science centre to try it!! 
Interior resembles a home, allows you the experience earthquake at 'home'. 

We tried the earthquake simulator too! 

Different ground surfaces affect the intensity of shaking during an earthquake. 

A model to teach us how landslides beneath the earth causes earthquakes on the surface. 

Mini buffet to recharge from too much science in a day! 

Hayley and I!! 

Head to the Omni Theatre to watch Amazing Caves. 
Omg I am so in love with the Omni Theatre. They should make all cinemas like that. 
It started with many breathtaking scenes of earth.

Residue from water droplets forms huge walls like these over many years. 

The movie was about a few scientist traveling around all sorts of caves to gather different bacteria to cure illnesses. There were many captivating scenes of them on the tallest cliff, in between ice caves, and squeezing through tiny cave openings while cave diving. Their findings took 6 years to process and finally produced a cure for lukemia.  

We took Hayley for a short tour around Dinosaurs Live, since she haven't got a chance to see it. It was in the midst of tearing the exhibit down!
My five minutes masterpiece! 

Hayley's pink dino. 

No more tape? It's okay. We can always stuff our drawings onto the wall of fame. 

Freda made me take idiotic pictures. Haha! 

Freda made her take idiotic pictures. Haha! 

Four of us stood outside the souvenir shop talking with our tongues out, really retarded-ly, because we were tongue 'tattooing'. Haha! I had sucha great time at the Science Centre and I would like to share with all of you!!!

Anyway, make a trip down to the Singapore Science Centre: Earth - Our Untamed Planet!! 
Exhibition starts on: 1st March
Venue: Hall B, 15 Singapore Science Centre Road
Operating Hour: 10am - 6pm, Daily
Tel: 6425 2500