Friday, March 09, 2012


It has been such a long time since I've last visited Salon Vim.
Finally I'm having my school break and submitted all my projects!! Time to salvage my hair!!

My hair was extremely dry and too heavy because it just kept growing longer and longer, thus causing me to have headaches all the time. But I am still so love the awesome waves Allen permed for me months ago! Although he said not much of my waves are left BUT I DON'T CARE. I'm gonna leave it until it gets too long and drops off. 

Telling him my hair woes: love my hair length but it's getting too heavy and the ends are very dry. Love the hair colour but is reluctant to further damage it by dying my roots over and over again. T.T He'll salvage it, I believe! 
YAY!!! Finally the huge chunk of hair has left my head. I have no idea why I put the tear drop.. I was quite happy with cutting away some hair. Allen was awesome at cutting hair! Usually when you tell other hair dressers 1 inch, they cut 5. When you tell them you want it thin, they give you the ah lian hair cut. When Allen was cutting my hair, I felt relaxed because I believed in his professional cutting skills.  My hair length remained, but he manages to trim off the dried ends and make my hair way lighter but still look volumized. <3 
I was really impressed with the hair dye! I told Allen I didn't want to further damage my hair, so he introduced this new product that adds a coat of gloss to the hair but doesn't damage it. It took only 5-10 minutes for the dye to sip in! Next time if you happen to dye your hair at Salon Vim, ask for the Nuancelle Acid Colour. 

Nuancelle Acid Colour uses Acid Fruits Technology to strengthen the hair and ceramide to repair the cuticle; hair is stronger and healthier, from roots ends, for a glossy finish and maximum shine! 
Treatment time!! I loveee hair treatments. 
Quote 'Szes' to enjoy a 10% off your total bill! 
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*btw for those of you who've asked me about the ombre dying, Salon Vim does it, you can take a look at their port folio on their facebook page.