Thursday, March 29, 2012


 Editing Val's html codes for her blog! Spent almost an hour figuring it out, quite proud of myself!

Think Hiruscar causes pimples. I have a zit on my cheek, and that's the spot that I've been applying Hiruscar on. :< Btw, I have something awesome to introduce to you girls!
I usually hate wearing shoes because it gets pretty uncomfortable when my feet starts to perspire. :/ Therefore I stick to wearing slippers all the time... but then I found this!

I know it's not a new product, Scholl has it since long ago, but it's retailing at $14+? I bought this for only $2 and it does prevent moist in your shoes. It's in a powder form, just sprinkle some on your toes and in your shoes, and you're good to go. I just tried it yesterday and my feet remained smooth and dry throughout the whole day. Yay! 
Do all of us, train commuters, a favor by using this if you have smelly and sweaty feet. Okay?