Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Instead of a really romantic night celebration, we decided to skip the crowd and bring it forward to noon at our favorite location, Sentosa! Explains why I am home so early, doing up this blogpost.


As promised, this is the story of how I met him... 
I'm not sure if I should write the long or short version. Four words can sum up the short version: Met him in school. Haha! Don't think my story is that interesting, so I'll try to summarize the long version.
I am hoping my mom and sis wouldn't read this, but I'm sure they will and my sis is gonna make fun of me for eternity. :/

It was five years ago... Despite being in the same school, he was one year my senior, we never knew of each other's existence for an entire year. During orientation camp, all the design students were cramped into one lecture theatre, but I never met him. On the second day of orientation, he had a performance, I didn't go for it. Several times my classmates organized to go swimming together, he was there, but I missed all of it. :/ It's kinda hard to believe because our design block only consist of two levels and how can it be that I've seen all of his classmates except him? 

It was till my second year when we had this project where by all the students of different levels had to form groups to work together. There I saw him sitting at a corner, wondering why I've never met him. He was kinda plump back then, wearing a red polo tee with grey jeans and white canvas shoes. Maybe, it was love at first sight (sorry a little gross), I was kinda hoping he would be in the same group as me. Btw after we got together, he confessed to me that he told his friends he was hoping he could be in the same group as me too. So yeah, eventually we got grouped together, YAY!

Although I was kinda attracted to him, he was kind of a jerk during our group discussions. He was the leader of our group therefore he was very strict and formal with us. I remember telling my friends that he was mega unfriendly, and wouldn't laugh at any jokes. We had a nickname for him, I think it was Snowman, cause he had no emotions at all. 

After half a year, when our project was ending, we all then started to bond better as a group. Not very proud of this part but, I found out he had a girlfriend for two years. Fmlz. Even after the project ended, we started hanging out with 3 other schoolmates of ours. Though I really liked him, I couldn't do anything cause he was attached. :< Then finally one night he told me he broke off with his girlfriend. Still, we remained as friends for half a year before he started confessing and we got together. 

Up till now I still feel kind of sorry for his previous relationship, though he assured me many times I wasn't the one who broke them up. Anything I say will make me sound like a bitch, but in my defense, I didn't make any move and he waited an ample time before he started confessing.

So yeah... there you have it, the story of how I met him. 
It's not the greatest story but up till now I'm still very thankful that I met you. 
We could've easily been to different schools but we didn't. 

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