Saturday, February 18, 2012


Welcome to Singapore Institute of Technology!
I was at their open house a last month with Joanna and Colette!!
Established in 2009, SIT is an education initiative of the MOE offering undergraduate degree programs primarily for polytechnic graduates. In partnership with various reputable overseas universities, SIT has brought to Singapore some of the world's top industry-focused degree programs targeted at growth sectors of the economy.
SIT open house Suntec Convention Center.

Admission Requirements
SIT adopts a holistic approach in assessing applicants for admission by considering the following criteria: 
  • Full-time Diploma from one of the five local polytechnics
  • Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-level results
  • Work experience/Internship
  • Interview Performance
SIT's admission exercise has commenced on 1st Feb 2012.

Huge crowd at the open house.

Everyone there received a goodie bag filled with materials you would need to answer your queries.

Filled with informative booklets, brochures, pens, bottled water and plenty of cute items.

Lets take a tour around the open house:

Engineering and Applied Science
First up, are the Engineering programmes by University of Glasgow.
The UOG is the fourth-oldest university in the English-speaking world and is in the top 1% of universities in the world! 
Degree programmes that they offer:
  • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Aeronautical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Aerospace Systems
  • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Design Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechatronics

Professionals at the booth to answer all your queries.

Each booth provides informative brochures that you can take home to plan for your further education.

Brochures of Glasgow’s programmes!

Engineering and Applied Science programmes offered by the Technical University of Munich.
With an illustrious history dating back to 1868, TUM remains one of the foremost academic institutions in the world. It is known for combining scientific intellect with a keen entrepreneurial mindset - a philosophy which has resulted in the university winning a number of prestigious accolades, including 13 Nobel Laureates. 
Courses that they offer:
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering & Information Technology
Booth filled with standees to explain the programme details.

Notepads give away!

More Engineering and Applied Science pregrammes offered by Newcastle University.
Tracing its origins back to 1834, NU has an enviable record for the quality of its teaching and the preparedness of its graduates to start their professional careers. NU is one of the UK's most reputable Higher Education Institutes, acclaimed for teaching excellence and multidisciplinary research.
Courses that they offer:
  • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Food & Human Nutrition
  • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Marine Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Naval Architecture
  • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Offshore Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering
At the booth of Newcastle University.

Plenty of degree programmes on that they have to offer.

The professors at the Newcastle University booth! They were very friendly too!

Awesome engineering equipment.

Interactive Digital Media
Next up are the Interactive Digital Media programmes by the DigiPen Institute of Technology.
As the first school in the world to offer bachelor's degree in video game development, DigiPen is a pioneer and global leader in the field of interactive digital media education. 
Courses that they offer:
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation
  • Bachelor of Science in Game Design
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Art and Animation
  • Bachelor of Arts in Game Design
At the DigiPen booth, it was like a mini gallery!! I was so impressed with the real life drawings.

Sculptures of gaming figurines.

Next is the Hospitality programmes by The Culinary Institute of America.
Since it's establishment, the CIA has been the global benchmark for all culinary education. It's proven programs have seen it produce over forty three thousand culinary professionals, among whom are top chefs. 
Course that they offer: 
  • Bachelor of Professional Studies in Culinary Arts Management
Cutest booth ever.

If you’re into culinary, you should definitely make a trip down to SIT to enquire about their culinary course!

Creative card measurements given away at the booth.

Another Hospitality programme by University of Nevada, Las Vagas.
The UNLV is a state-research insttution, home to over twenty eight thousand students and ten prestigious colleges. 
Course that they offer:
  • Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration

Hotel administrative! Favorite of many students.

Next are the Design programmes by The Glasgow School of Art.
Founded in 1845 as a government School of Design, the GSA is on of Europe's leading higher education institute for creative education and research in design, fine art and architecture. 
Courses that they offer:
  • Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Communication Design
  • Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Interior Design
Their design standees are the most captivating, with bright colours and font.

Interior design booklet.

Health Sciences
Next is the Health Science programme by The University of Manchester.
The University of Manchester is one of the UK's top universities and is a member of the distinguished Russell Group that comprises the UK's 20 leading research-intensive universities. 
Course that they offer:
  • Bachelor of Science with Honours in Nursing Practice

Next is the Education programme by Wheelock College.
Since 1888, WLC of Boston has sought to provide a transformational education to students who are passionate about making the world a better place, with a special emphasis on preparing it's learners to teach, mentor and nurture young children and their families. 
Course that they offer:
  • Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education
Polaroid pictures of their study trips look extremely fun!

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