Monday, February 27, 2012


Titanic exhibition at Marina Bay Sands!
I felt so sad for those who lost their lives/their family in the shipwreck. They were so assured that the Titanic is unsinkable, and they didn't even prepare enough life boats for everyone. One of the captain was even retired, but wanted to lead the Titanic one last time, he even promised his family that the Titanic will be his last, but he died there. :<
Replica room of a first class cabin. It's looks really posh, the price of the room (even converted to today's value) is frigging insane. I can never afford a first class cabin on Titanic. 

 A jacket that belonged to one of the staff who died. His name was clearly written on it.

Third class cabin cost $900 (converted to today's value). Still pretty steep. 

Dinner @ Sushi Teh
Before dinner I told him I wanted to shop around while waiting for his friends to arrive, but I totally went to get his cake. Then secretly told the waitress to surprise him. The cake design from Haagen Dazs looks kinda weird. 
He's always telling me how impossible it is to surprise me when I'm always around him, oh I so proved you wrong. 
Looking pretty drunk there?