Saturday, January 21, 2012


Today, I was at Chinatown's first ever Visitor Centre opening at Kreta Ayer Square. The visitor centre is specially designed for walking tours to help visitors rediscover Chinatown.

It's my third visit to Chinatown within this month and I'm starting to fall in love with the place. The rich culture, the bustling atmosphere, the cheap shopping, the authentic food, the friendly people, and so much more! Chinatown is so huge that having a tour guide is the best solution for you to explore it entirely. You'll be impressed with the shopping and dinning choices!
The Chinatown Visitor Centre from outside. 
Takes up about 100 square metres, located behind Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. 

Fire crackers to ward off bad omens and bring in good luck! 


Exciting performances by the Dragon and Lion Dance group.

Ribbon cutting ceremony.

Presenting the hand sew dolls, by Chinatown's senior citizens, to the Guest of Honor. 

Inside the Visitor Center:
The Visitor Center is like a mini gallery. There were information introducing the history and origins of samsui women, fortune tellers, letter writers and many more. I was very impressed with the interior and graphics that made up the entire atmosphere. Usually people would relate Chinatown as old and boring but it's definitely fun in the Visitor Center. Everything is well designed!! 

In the Visitor Center, you can expect young volunteer ambassadors to share with you the rich culture of Chinatown, helping visitors with their queries. From Chinese myths and taboos to dialect clans and heritage brands, the tours are designed to give visitors a taste of the real Chinatown with a complete experience. Many merchandises are up for sale too! 
Informative story boards themed "Old Chinatown" , reminds visitors of it's historical significance and flavor. 

Even the lighting were detailedly designed to give a nostalgic flavor to the interior.

Informative brochures to guide you along your tour around Chinatown. 

Merchandises like tote bags, hand sewn dolls, wrapping papers, notebooks, tea leaves are for sale! 

Historical architecture elements like this brick wall. 

The hand sewn dolls of Samsui women and Kopi Uncle etc.

Tea leaves for sale! 

Nostalgic black and white news papers. 

Lovely Joanna and I!

Cute ushers dressed in traditional costumes. 

Free goodie bag for everyone!

The food street at Chinatown is bustling with energy. You'll never go hungry cause every single corner is a food stall. Some of the food there are really unique, can't be found in common shopping malls. 


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