Friday, December 28, 2012


Sponsored Advertorial
Faux Leather Cropped Denim Jacket in Black sponsored by ARCADE.
If you like apparels from Little Red Heels and Merrymen, then you will definitely love ARCADE because ARCADE is brought to you by the people who created Little Red Heels and Merrymen!! With a newly revamped site, ARCADE promises affordable everyday clothes with a really playful style for individuals who are fun and cheeky!! This is the parcel that ARCADE sent to me:
A faux leather dark denim cropped jacket, a faux leather light denim cropped jacket, a lookbook brochure, a tote bag and a handwritten note!! Thank you for the lovely parcel!! I wore the jacket the very day I received it!! 
Can't remember how many times I told my girlfriend how comfortable the jacket is. It fits me extremely well, but doesn't compress my arms uncomfortably like how my other cropped jackets does. And don't you just hate to wear leather/denim jackets on a humid day? But for this jacket, the faux leather sleeve is very light weight, I felt really comfortable and not at all hot and sweaty wearing it. It keeps me warm in air conditioned environment too!! I am absolutely in love with the jacket and I am glad that I have it in both dark and light denim!! The jacket is available on ARCADE'S latest collection!!  

If you're looking for a belated Christmas present for your boyfriend, you can shop at ARCADE MENS as well! Guys are usually more picky when it comes to shopping, and when I pass by a decent online shop for mens, I'll definitely introduce it to my boyfriend. ARCADE MENS is definitely one of the online store for mens that I'll recommend my boyfriend!! 

ARCADE also ships internationally!! So if you're from overseas or currently studying overseas, don't be left out!! Read HERE to learn more about the shipping information. 


Thursday, December 27, 2012


Old pictures from my photobooth, probably early this year when I thought nose ring was really cool. I was browsing through my old photos and realise I prefer how I look like one year ago. Think my face was slimmer back then and I had heavier make up. Turn back time and make me younger? 
Met Val for coffee yesterday! It's been sucha long time since I last saw her. I've been so busy with work that I only have time to spend with my boyfriend and my usual girlfriends. I do miss my student life where I have enough time to meet Val and Joanne!! It should be 4 working days instead of 5, then I'll have plenty of time. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


 Meet Bibi the cutest dog in the world! (Sorry Ginger)
 You're sooo shoft, I can hug you all day. 
Bart-ass naked.
Christmas party at Modparade's, as usual. Charlotte the salad couldn't make it, so we officially hate her. Fernnice refused to take pictures with us so we had to take picture with her back view. Oh, by the way, Fernnice's boyfriend opened a vintage shop called GRAMMAH, right beside Modparade. Do check it out!! It's really cool, cooler than Modparade. Teehee... 


Promotion only available at Salon Vim Bugis, not available at Salon Vim 313. Promotion starts now till 15 January 2013. 

235 Victoria Street, Bugis Village Singapore 188 027)
Call for an appointment at 6837 0073 / 6837 0045 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Christmas celebration in the office!! Probably the most fun I ever had in a office. The Christmas lunch was really delicious! By noon, half of the designers were already drunk, even our company dog was feeling tipsy. My colleagues and bosses gave me presents, I was so touched. Christmas's awesome... 

Monday, December 24, 2012


Sponsored Advertorial
Furry Sweater Crop Top in Beige sponsored by Caramel Hunter.
It's another advertorial by Caramel Hunter!! Absolutely love it when Caramel Hunter sponsors me their apparels cause it suits my style and I love picking out clothes from their website!!
Wore the Furry Sweater to town the very day that I received it!! It is so extremely soft and it keeps me warm too. The Furry Sweater Top comes in five different colours for you to choose from! I had a hard time deciding!! Click HERE for more product information.
For more of Caramel Hunter's apparels,

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