Saturday, December 10, 2011


Are you

  1. bored at home and would like to make some extra cash just by surfing the internet? 
  2. thinking of ways to get more viewership for your website?
Then you've got to check out Gushcloud.
Gushcloud is an amazing social media tool developed for companies and individuals with any budget, to reach out to their target audience in just a few simple steps. It allows social media users to promote about brands and products they like and get rewarded in the process. Combining various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Blogs, you can now effortlessly share your message with a unlimited pool of audiences! Social media marketing has never been easier, with Gushcloud

1) If you are bored at home and would like to make some extra cash just by surfing the net, all you need is a Facebook and Twitter account, and by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Log in with your social media accounts (eg Facebook, Twitter, Blog)

Step 3: Check out your Gushscore (Influential Score)
You can increase your Gushscore by having more friends of followers, as well as sharing content that your friends are liking! Gushscore is also dependent on the activities on your platforms, so remember to stay active! 

Step 4: Start Gushing

Step 5: Get rewarded! 
I've earned $0.50 just by clicking, the higher gushscore you have, the more money you'll earn! There are many awesome prizes to be won when you Gush too! My friend won a $20 Cineleisure voucher on her very first Gush. There are prizes like Zoukout tickets and Elf cosmetic vouchers to be won too! 
Note: Deleted Gushcloud updates on your Facebook or Twitter will result in deduction of reward when cashing out. So remember to leave your Gushcloud updates on your walls! 

2) If you are thinking of ways to get more viewership for your website, you can either do it for FREE or pay Gushers to publicize your website just by these easy steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Gushcloud account through Facebook, Twitter

Step 2: Go to My Gush Clouds and fill in the respective forms
You can also choose to pay Gushers according to their Gushscore (higher influence, more money) or by rewarding all Gushers a flat rate. If you have no extra cash to spare, you can rely on Gushers kindness to Gush your website for you too!! For Bloggers who would like your website to be more through Gushcloud, you can create paid task on Barnett's expense too! 

Step 3: Set your unique Gushcloud URL link
With a unique Gushcloud link, viewers can go straight to your gushcloud website. Users don't have to scroll through Gushcloud website to view your cloud. Customization of your Gushcloud website is available too! 

So Start Gushing Now!
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