Monday, December 05, 2011


The Singapore Polytechnic Education Fair was held few days back, as mentioned on my previous blogpost. I decided to drop by with a friend to learn more about the different degree programmes offered in Singapore.

The Education Fair consists of two levels, covering most of the universities in Singapore. If you're in a dilemma, not knowing which university to choose for the next step of your education path, visiting a education fair would be the best idea. There were seminars from NTU, SMU, SUTD, NUS and SIT for you to sit in and clear doubts.

Spotted SIT at the education fair again. After holding a few conversations with some of the professors of SIT, I got to learn more about their degree programmes, especially engineering. 

Introducing the University of Glasgow
This is the actual picture of how UOG looks like. Your only chance to feel like Harry and Hermione. 

SIT collaboration with other Overseas University

University of Glasgow offers 2 degree programmes: 
  • Bachelor in Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Design Engineering
  • Bachelor in Engineering with Honours in Mechatronics 
Newcastle University offers 6 degree programmes: 
  • Bachelor in Engineering with Honours in Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor in Engineering with Honours in Marine Engineering
  • Bachelor in Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Bachelor in Engineering with Honours in Naval Architecture
  • Bachelor in Engineering with Honours in Offshore Engineering
  • Bachelor in Science with Honours in Food & Human Nutrition
Technical University of Munich offers 2 degree programmes: 
  • Bachelor in Science in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Bachelor in Science in Chemical Engineering 

Fiona asking about the SIT programmes 

Attending the SIT seminar: 
I believe that the seminar will clear all your doubts and provide very single detail about the course. I took down two pages of notes just from this 30 minute talk. 

Let me share with you what I have gathered from this seminar. 

In UOG, the Mechanical Design Engineering and Mechatronics programmes last for 2 years with Honours. This means that when you graduate from UOG, you not only graduate with a degree cert but also with honours. Compared to other universities, courses like this takes 4 years to complete, but in UOG, it only requires 2 years to get a the same degree as your professors! 

Within the 2 years in UOG, you get to study a whole range of curriculum to prepare you for the work industry. There is also a Overseas Immersion Program in Britain that last for 4 weeks at the end of your first year. Traveling overseas for education allows students to interact with their professors and colleagues, also learn what education life is like in their home campus. The whole Overseas Immersion Program cost approximately $8k to $9k that includes, air fair, accommodation and expenses.

School fees for the Degree Program:
If you are worried about the tuition fees, SIT allow you to deduct the tuition fee from CPF! All tuition fees are set by MOE. 

The requirements for admission are listed in the brochures and catalogues but during the seminar, it was specifically mentioned that do not let your GPA points be a barrier to apply for this SIT courses as there will be an interview held for every applicant. Screening students beforehand is very important, as they would like to look for individuals who are not only keen in engineering but also able to hold responsibilities. There is no age limit for applicants, all are free to apply! 

As for guys who are attending the National Service soon, it is advised to do a registration at the last year of your polytechnic program before you enlist. SIT will secure a place for you after you are done with your national service and tuition fees will be the same as the year you registered on. 

For further subsidy, scholarships and bonds are also available for you to apply. It is mentioned in the seminar that not only top students get scholarships, so don't let a GPA score affect your decision in applying! Further loans and bursary are available too. 

For application visit: 

For enquires, email: 

Picture of my beautiful girl and I to end off the post. We had fun at the education fair!

These Education fairs and seminars are really important when making a decision, if you've missed this opportunity, you can still catch the next one at:

14-15 January 2012
Suntec City Convention Hall 

For more information, visit their Facebook Page

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