Thursday, November 10, 2011


As you all know, I've permed my hair at Salon Vim few days back. Absolutely love the curls right now. I already had some natural curls on my hair, but I wanted something more obvious. Allen, my hairstylist, was there to aid me in getting my ideal hairstyle!

Before it begins, my dry and unkept hair. 
As you can see, some parts of my hair is straight, only the back part has curls. Whenever I let down my hair, there's a lot of frizzy stray hair sticking out of my head. Kinda resembles a lion's mane. :(


Joey came along with me!
She's gonna dye her hair red with some darker shades of highlights, topping it off with a treatment and a haircut. 

Doing her 3-dimensional highlights.

Treatment you can do to salvage your damaged and unkept hair.

Perming it using this medusa looking device. It heats up your hair, thus curling it, quite comfortable actually. Unlike other perming devices, this one doesn't scald your scalp. 

Letting her red dye settle in.

This treatment is amazing!! If you're heading to Salon Vim, remember to ask for this. It totally salvaged my dry hair!

TADAH!! The end product! 
Now that I have wavy hair, don't need to put in extra effort in styling it anymore. 

Loving my wavy hair and Joey loves her new hair colour too.

Product provided by Salon Vim to help me maintain my curls!!
Love all three of it. The shampoo smells amazing. The hair mask for daily usage really helps in maintaining my curls keeping it moisturized and tamed. My favourite product of all is the hair serum 'Hairmix Spiral Splendour'. I can see the vast difference ever since I started using it. It clamps the curls together without looking oily and sticky. 

If you need any hair assistance, head down to:
313 @ Somerset Orchard Road #04-07/08/09 Singapore 238895
Tel: 6884 7757/6884 7767

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