Wednesday, November 09, 2011


I was so excited for Dinosaurs Live! exhibition at the science centre. When I first saw the advertisement on TV, I told my boyfriend he have to visit it with me! Thankfully, I was invited to the exhibition, really made my day. Anyway, here are some pictures of what you can expect at the exhibition.

My favorite part of the whole exhibition was the Omni IMAX Theatre 'Flying Monsters' exhibition. 
I love watching documentaries and this one is extremely interesting. It explains how reptiles like lizards develop wings and slowly evolving into flying reptiles that are of the same size as giraffes. The computer graphics are very realistic and the explanations are clearly drafted for us to understand. I could sit there for ten hours just listening to how other dinosaurs evolve. If you like science and evolution, I would highly recommend you to go for this, extremely worth watching. 

We proceeded to the Fire Tornado Show.
I am still quite curious of how they create the tornado. There was quite a commotion when the fire was lit, couldn't hear the lady speaking clearly. :( But it was really cool!

The part that I was really excited for! Which is visiting the Dinosaurs Live! Exhibition.
Models of life size dinosaurs! I highly recommend you to visit this too. There's a lot to learn through this exhibition. The models of the life size dinosaurs are made so realistically, everything was so detailed and well done. Even the plants was design closely according to the dinosaur era.

Did you know that paleontologist have totally no idea of how dinosaurs sound like or even the right colour of their skin. They can only make comparisons to the current animals and making assumptions!
Life size replica of a real dinosaur fossil. Even it's fractured scars on the bones can be seen.

Looks like a crocodile!! 

Kinda look like the Dodo Bird.

Look at how detailed the teeth are painted! Efforts man.

Photo booth:
I bought a picture to reminisce this whole experience. 

Visiting the other parts of the Science Centre.
Since young, I love visiting the science centre. There's so many interactions throughout the whole journey. Good news is, there's a new area at the Science Centre!! It's called Inventions. Remember to visit it!
If you're free during this weekend, remember to pop by the Science Centre of Dinosaurs Live! Exhibition at the Science Centre: 15 Science Centre Road, Singapore 609 081
For more information, visit their Facebook Page or Website