Thursday, October 06, 2011

My McSpicy

McDonalds!! Second time this week.
Let's zoom right into the middle... what do you see?? 
Yay!!! Monopoly is back at McDonalds!! Let's see what I've got! 
*Nomnomnom* Cripsy fries...
... and my favourite Mcspicy.

 By far the best instant win prize. Free movie tickets! Yipee! 

Ang Mo Kio, Marina Bay and River Valley. 

This time, Monopoly is back at McDonalds with over 3 million pirzes to be won! So hurry and purchase any extra value meal and start collection your game labels to win. 

Prizes includes: 
  1. $80,000 cash from Visa
  2. Volkswagen Touran 
  3. A trip to Atlanta from Coca Cola
  4. A trip to Prague from Dynasty Travel Plus
and many more... 

It's even better this year because
with over 3 ways to win this year, Collect to Win, Instant Win and the Chance Card all prizes must go. 
The new chance card also wins you $100 instantly and a final entry into the draw to win any unclaimed prizes. 

Double labels on weekends also means that you receive double the labels with any EVM purcahsed over the weekend period. 

Start playing McDonald's Monopoly today.
Visit for more information.
Terms and Coditions Apply.