Thursday, September 22, 2011


I've been waiting for my nose hole to season long enough so I can change it into a nose ring. It still kinda hurt though, thus explaining the redness around my nose, but I totally LOVE IT. Can't believe I have an interview tomorrow and I have to take it out. 

Anyway, I've quit my job at haji! Got a new job teaching tiny kiddos art. I am not exactly a kid-person, but I love art and I am sure I'll enjoy the job way more than retail since art has always been my passion. At least teaching makes me feel that I am contributing more to the world, passing down my 21 years of crappy knowledge. The kids better love me, if not I'll...... just sit there and cry. Sighh... Imma huge pushover. 

Just got back from shopping with my girlfriends. As much as I love shopping, ever since my sister said 'you should spend your money on more meaningful things instead of clothes' it struck me. I could've spend the money on art films, cooking lessons, gym, traveling etc. I just feel like quitting shopping, shopping makes me feel like a huge bimbo. 
p.s. lets go watch wicked together! 

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