Thursday, September 29, 2011


My very first time at F1!! So grateful for it since it might be the last time Singapore's holding the F1 event. I was really excited about it!! Kay, picture time!
Took about millions of shots before we could capture the car and it's blurry like that in every picture. Pfftt.... 

Kay luh, I'm not a huge fan of Linkin park but I always get this inspired and grateful feeling when I'm standing on the same ground with people as talented as the F1 drivers and Linkin Park. 
The last time I went to a concert was years back when I was a kid. This is, crampy, smelly and humid but kinda enjoyable. Walked so much that my leg muscles hurt the next day! <3

Thanks for the trip though! 

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I've been waiting for my nose hole to season long enough so I can change it into a nose ring. It still kinda hurt though, thus explaining the redness around my nose, but I totally LOVE IT. Can't believe I have an interview tomorrow and I have to take it out. 

Anyway, I've quit my job at haji! Got a new job teaching tiny kiddos art. I am not exactly a kid-person, but I love art and I am sure I'll enjoy the job way more than retail since art has always been my passion. At least teaching makes me feel that I am contributing more to the world, passing down my 21 years of crappy knowledge. The kids better love me, if not I'll...... just sit there and cry. Sighh... Imma huge pushover. 

Just got back from shopping with my girlfriends. As much as I love shopping, ever since my sister said 'you should spend your money on more meaningful things instead of clothes' it struck me. I could've spend the money on art films, cooking lessons, gym, traveling etc. I just feel like quitting shopping, shopping makes me feel like a huge bimbo. 
p.s. lets go watch wicked together! 

If you're looking for puppies to adopt:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Step 1:
you gotta have photoshop

Step 2:
launch photoshop

Step 3: 
insert your photo into photoshop

Step 4:
insert a galaxy picture (can be found on google images) into photoshop

Step 5:
unlock layer for galaxy photo
to unlock: double click on layer and press 'ok'

Step 6: 
drag galaxy picture onto your picture window
your layer window should consist of two layers: your photo and the galaxy image

Step 7: 
reduce opacity of galaxy image to 30%

Step 8: 
save your image as JPEG

Step 9:
save image on desktop

and there you have it! Your very own galaxy image. 
I think everything looks good with the galaxy overlay. 
You can be creative and use images of auroras, snow or anything you can think of!! 
Good luck! <3

Monday, September 12, 2011


Just got back from school. Waiting for my family to get ready for my mom's birthday dinner, they are always slow. School has been crazy, there's so many projects to finish within the tight deadline. I want to meet my girlfriends soon since one of them just fell out of a long relationship and I think that it's our duty to keep her company.

I recently fell in love with tying up my hair, it's less messy and it keeps my neck away from the crazy humidity. Bunz'up everyone!! 

Thursday, September 08, 2011


Tending the shop gets kinda boring most of the time...
Can you see how small my teeth are?? 
So tired of doing my homework, took a little break by cam whoring.
Gonna do tutorials for the messy bun and galaxy effect sooon! 

Sunday, September 04, 2011


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