Sunday, July 24, 2011


One day before my birthday, Yee asked me out for a movie, she told me it was her company event and I'll regret if I missed it. I wasn't very sure of what movie it was, but I do know it's a martial art film (my favorite!). I went to meet her after my class ended, while walking to the theatre, she slipped in a little information "Donnie yen's making an appearance".

were my actual words... 

I'm a huge fan of Donnie yen. Every martial art film that he produces, I'm there to watch it. I even had the thought of learning martial arts because I was so crazy about Ip Man. It was a huge birthday present inviting me to this gala premier. Thank you very much! 
This picture was without zoom, it just shows how near he was to us. 
Why you no shake my hand?! 

Hello Director Peter Chan. 

Feels so good to be standing in the same room as two extremely talented people. 
After awhile, if just got me thinking about life again. Two of them, half way through life, achieved so much. What have I achieved?! Pfffttt....