Thursday, July 21, 2011


My birthday party was last Saturday, I didn't have the time to post my pictures cause I had project deadlines. I've been sitting in my chair committing the last 3 hours trying to resize and upload pictures. I don't have the time to photoshop them, all of it are damn raw, the bad yellowish lighting annoys me but what can I do, I have no time!!

Anyway, I've mentioned about MBS for my birthday. Do you know what happened when I went to check in?? The concierge told us that my booking was on 16th JUNE 2011. Omg, that was one month ago. The person who booked it for me probably had a typo error or something. There goes my MBS. There were no extra rooms as they were all fully booked. MBS manage to get my a room at Excelsior last minute... pfffttttttt....

 Lunch with my family. $29.90 per bowl of bah gu teh. 
Didn't get to take pictures with my cute granny and my parents. :'(

 The view from my hotel. Pointing straight at MBS, what a smack in the face. 

 Cake from myfatlady at Haji Lane. The workmanship totally sucks. Look at the amount of cracks on the hard icing. 

I had a blast. 
Thanks for the people above for the wonderful memory. 

Especially my 4 girlfriends who bought flowers, balloons and a pinata to surprise me. You girls are the best girlfriends I can ever ask for. I hope we grow old together and our kids can learn swimming together. Thank you Modparade for the huge birthday Angbao, and the huge present. It's been great working for Fernnice for three whole years. 

... and of course my boyfriend, we'll grow old together and look back at these pictures. :))