Sunday, June 12, 2011


A day dedicated to Gingie!
We brought him to a fancy cafe for lunch, ordered salmon and baked potatoes for him, and he decided to embarrass us by peeing all over the floor. But after awhile, it didn't felt that embarrassing after the other dogs started pooping all over. Gingie is a fat ball of fur, the people from the dog training school said he's way over weight.
Fatty bom bom!

Mingling with Gingie.

 Salmon and baked potatoes. 

This schnauzer kept coming to us for food, we fed him anyway, since he look so cute and friendly.  


"I want moreeee pleaseeee!!!"

The whole cafe was filled with schnauzers. Little Gingie tried to fit in.


She had lotsa tangles and the groomer had to comb them out, poor dog was in pain, she kept screaming. 

Say hi to Buffy the yorkshire terrier! ...or maybe the vampire slayer. Hahahaha!
We adopted her from a family who couldn't keep her anymore. She looks dirty, unkept, smelly and skinny, just like how Ginger was brought in on his first day, but look at how cute and fat he is now!

 I don't really like yorkshire terriers or chihuahuas, but as time goes by, I fell in love with fatty Gingie. Hope I will fall in love with Buffy too. :)
I was totally excited about school until I found out the bitch who made up stories about me in poly is going to the same course as me. Damn. How unlucky can I get.

Here's to you, little Miss rebonded-hair-for-god-knows-how-long, I have no form of contact to you obviously cause I am not your friend so this is the only way to get things across to you. You don't step on my toes and I won't step on yours. If I ever hear any fake shit about me from your mouth, be prepared to see your photos filled up in this space. Swear I won't be that kind to just let things go like how I did in poly.