Thursday, April 28, 2011


A trip to the office every single day is like mental torture, and I'm not talking about my job scope, its the sick encounters I experience in public transports. I am sure many of you girls share the same emotions; annoyed, frustrated, the feeling that would make you kill.
Lets talk about how many MAJOR sick bastards I've encountered so far. (Wait. Gotta remind you, imma extremely timid person)

Back in 2004, my very first encounter:
I was in Secondary 2, my friend and I left school and was heading to the bus stop. There was this guy suspiciously loitering around the void deck, with a huge smirk on his face. We didn't really suspect anything, therefore, tried to ignore him and continued walking. He dashed in front of us, pulled down his jeans and flashed us. WTH!?
Both of us freaked out, ran back to school, told our discipline master and called the police. My teachers drove out patrolling the area and found the guy, when they caught him, he was in the midst of flashing to another 3 girls. Omg how sick is he, right? The best part is, he is younger than me (so now you know why we didn't suspect a thing). I was only 14 back then, he was a child, how can he develop such sick thoughts at sucha young age?! Omg. I wonder how he's doing now.

Back in 2005, my second encounter:
The trip from my house to the bus stop is quite a distance, maybe a 5 minutes walk through the dark alleys. Although it was dark, nothing happened for the first 3 years of walking through that alley. Until one day, this boy molested me. T.T
He was a upper secondary school kid, once again, I didn't suspect anything. He stood from afar, looking at me, I tried to avoid, but he was blocking the path which I have to cross, when I walked pass him in a opposite direction, he came dashing towards me and stroked my arm, turned around and gave me a kissing face. I was so freaked out, I ran away.
I went home and told my Mom about it, so she agreed to accompany me down the next morning. I held onto a metal box, hoping it'll be some sorta protection to me. We spotted him from afar, my mom instructed me to walk before her while she hid behind the pillars so I can lure him over. Exactly like what happened the day before, he dashed towards me, I knew he was gonna do the same thing but I stood there like a rock. Thank god my mom from behind the pillars shouted at him so loudly that he ran away.

Back in 2007, my third encounter:
I was studying in NYP and my bus trips to school were huge nightmares. Its an hour ride to school and I always, ALWAYS meet perverts.
Once, I was sitting the at last row of the bus, this man came over to sit beside me. He started fondling around his crotch area, using his bag to cover. Though he was trying to hide, I can't help but to notice cause it was so damn obvious, the movements were huge. I was so scared, I picked up my handphone and called my bf, told him 'just talk to me, don't ask me why', he pretty much got the idea of what's going on. The pervert got more daring, he removed his bag and started wanking right beside me. The bus was on a highway so no one will board the bus to save me so wanky-wanker had a good 30 mins of scaring the crap outta me before he reached his stop.

Okay, you must be thinking why the hell I kept quiet, when the guy harassed me so badly, I should've called for help!!
Right after that incident, I told my friends about it, they were all "omg if I were you, I would've punched him...kicked him...shouted..."
Few days later, one of my friend experienced something similar and she admitted that at that point of time, you'll feel so helpless that you don't even dare to scream out or do anything to protect yourself.

Back in 2008, my forth encounter:
I am not sure if this applies to everyone, but I get really suspicious when a man sits beside me in a relatively empty bus. There are plenty of empty two seater seats, why crowd around?!
This indian guy, came over to sit beside me. Started sleeping as if the two seater was his bed, ignoring my presence, leaning his head and legs all over me, I squashed myself right to the corner so I wouldn't get touched by him.
Thank god there was a ah beng behind me who woke the indian guy up and scolded him. I was so damn grateful but was too traumatized to thank the ah beng. At the next stop, the ah beng alighted. FMLZ.
There he go again, started leaning all over me.... and... my very first glorious moment, I pushed him and told him off. He was so embarrassed, he went elsewhere to sit. Didn't know how I summon up all that courage to scold someone but it felt good. :)

Recent, my everyday encounters:
For the past one year, I've been sending text to my boyfriend every single morning, complaining about all the perverts. It was so bad that I created labels for them so it'll be easier for my bf to understand my complains.

Starer 1:  Fat, chinese retard pervy, probably in his late 30s. I think he is in love with me. Seriously. If there's an empty seat beside me, without fail, he'll chiong over to sit beside me. He even knows which stop I am getting off cause he'll make space for me to get off, even before I make any signals of alighting. When someone is sitting beside you and they turn their head 90 degrees to look at you directly, from the corner of your eye, you'll notice it cause its damn obvious. I think he did not considered that cus he just cant stop staring. If there's no empty seat beside me, he'll stare at me from afar and when he stares, he stares with a slight smile. OMG. Sick.

List goes on... guess you get the idea.

Don't get me started on those encounters in the club...
Why?! Why can't the control themselves? 

I am sure many of you girls understand my plight, the annoying visually-raping stares and the whistling. You just feel like taking a knife and stab them right into their eyes.
They should have public transports like the ones in Japan, males are separated from the females.

I feel like starting a feminist team.
Hunt down perverts. URGHHHH...

I wish she was my little genie I could summon out to scream the crap outta pervs.