Sunday, March 20, 2011


Sponsored Advertorial

Pestered him for a date since we've been lazing around his house for the past few weekends, makes me feel so old like a boring married couple. Brought his new camera out to play with, which means lotsa pictures! Anyway, we tired Nandos chicken at Bugis, I heard the Djs raving about it on the radio many times, there was a long queue too, so I was expecting alot from the restaurant. But sadly, the food simply sucks and the portion is so god damn little. Didn't fill my tummy at all. Went to star bucks and bf introduced me to the new term 'scene kid'. Ever heard of it? Haha. Watched a late night movie; World Invasion, omg it's so damn good. Pls go watch it.
Awww... smiles like a little gurlxzxz. 
Love the bag sponsored by TheAxist. Now I can throw away my old fringe bag! This is one way cooler. Haha. They've got lotsa other fringe bags and fur clutches as well. Remember to drop by.

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